What stories are you telling yourself

I went to see a nutritionist this past week, I have been struggling with my weight, it’s not as easy to loose as I gain it. I am a big believer in health in body, mind, and soul, and nutrition plays a big part in that. So I went to see her just to get some feedback. Technically a lot of what I need to do and how to eat I know, but sometimes putting in to practice is a different story. It was very informative this meets my, and she was a good mirror, and there were things I came to realize while I was talking about it. I knew already I have been making excuses about why I put on some weight. It’s because I had rotator cuff repair surgery, so I couldn’t do as much for a while. But I know that is just a story I’m telling myself to feel better, and probably less guilty about the weight gain. I know I could have done leg day, be more mindful of what I eat and how I eat, etc.

and it’s not just those stories. Have you ever thought about the stories you tell yourself, and are they all your stories and beliefs. Most common stories we tell ourselves is about why we can’t loose weight, r why we are not wealthier, in a financial way. Most of us have a negative money story. So what kind of stories are you telling yourself and are they helping you or holding you back.

I remember a few years back that Nate told me I am a cool mom because I stay in shape, and I posted that on Facebook. One person commented on that that not everyone can workout and stay in shape. Being in shape in our family just means doing some kind of movement and working on our health, it doesn’t mean to be skinny. But yes she believed in her story that not everyone can work out. She didn’t realize that walking her two dogs a few times a day is also a form of working out.

How can we change the story

Ok, so how can we change the stories we tell ourselves, some are so ingrained, and sometimes we don’t even realize we tell ourselves some of these stories. I found that out during my meeting with the nutritionist.

Can we change the negative stories that hold us back to positive ones and how do we do that. First we need to realize that we have those stories. If you don’t know or realize that, you can’t change anything. I’m on a journey to find my stories, I am sure there are some that I am not aware of yet. But when you are aware, how do you change them. Become aware of where those stories came from, did they come from you, or from something that has happened in the past. I had a story that I had a terrible accent while speaking English (Dutch is my first language), and also that I’m an horrible singer. Why did I believe that story? Because my English teacher in Highschool told me I had an horrible accent. So when I first met my ex online and we started chatting, I was so scared to skype, for him to hear my horrible voice and accent. How did my story change? First of all, it helped that my now ex didn’t laugh about the way I spoke English, and neither did his friends, so I started getting a little bit more confident, that down the line I started believing that I didn’t sound all that bad, now when I speak, I don’t hear an accent anymore (I still have one according to my boys)

My point being is first realizing what story you’re telling yourself, then finding out where it came from and if it is truly your story. Then try to imagine a future where you don’t hold on to this story, does this story serve you, or not. Think about what you can change now at this very moment about that story. A story that has been ingrained for many years, doesn’t change over night, it take time, but is there one thing you can do right now to start making that change. Support your new story with facts that you believe. And don’t beat yourself up when you fall back into the old habit of your old story, remember it took most likely many years of that story running on repeat in your head, so it will take some time and effort to break it and change the story. But I believe any story you tell yours of can be rewritten. We are the writers of our own stories, and the stories we tell ourselves. I know, easier said then done and yes I am still learning and working on it as well. We are never done growing and learning. Figuring out who we truly are….

So some of my stories right now have to do with weight loss, but I also have some financial stories to break free from, and I am sure there are more that I am not aware of at this moment. Feel free to share with me what stories you tell yourself, which ones are holding you back. We are here to lift ourselves and each other up, to realize the love and light is within us and that we are meant to shine, shine bright, be a light for ourselves and for others. Yogi Bhajan said:”be the lighthouse.”

Sat Nam

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