Gentle yoga class

I have been going to Jacky’s free yoga class that she offers for cancer survivors.  To offer this class at no charge says everything about the loving, giving heart she has. Her energy is all about love and loving and honoring ourselves, only doing what we are able to do with no judgment.  Words cannot express how appreciative I am of her time and effort she gives to all of us.  This is such a supportive group, that those of us who are currently or have had this diagnosis need.  You will make new friends that truly care and support you here.

~Crysta M.

Beach Yoga

I particularly liked the ‘beach yoga’. She led us to an inspiring, calming and healing practice in a beautiful and serene setting,

Dian W.

knowledge, light, and love

Full of knowledge, light, and love!! I am so grateful for all of the wisdom and guidance she has given me along my own spiritual journey. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in working with Ho’ōla Fitness!

Ashley O.