Affirmations…. They can be such a powerful tool. They can change your mindset, change your mood, change your believes about yourself.


Do you say affirmations to yourself? If so, what do you say and how do you say it. Does it come from your heart, do you say it with power and kindness? Or do you just mumble them because you think you have too….


You can make saying affirmations a beautiful daily routine. You can light some candles and look at yourself in the mirror and say the affirmations. Or while you take a shower and you’re mindfully soaping your body, feeling the touch of your hands on your body, and say the affirmations. It is important to be mindful and present.


The beautiful thing about affirmations is that it can and will shift something in the mind. For me personally it works best when making a little ritual so I am most present and mindful. And when you do this everyday, start noticing the changes, start noticing the shifts within you.


If you never practiced affirmations I challenge you to try them for at least a week and let me know how you feel. If you practice affirmations already, let me know your favorite ones and if you make a ritual around it as well.

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