About my blog:

As a cancer survivor I learned how important is to find balance in mind, body, and soul. In my blog I’ll be sharing my experiences about healing, finding balance, and other aspects of finding the right balance in body, mind, and soul. I’ll be writing about things I teach, something I experienced, what I read about, or what I heard on a podcast. I hope you enjoy reading the blog. FYI, English is my second language, so some things might come our slightly funny.

Latest Blog Post:

Do we need to be right

Not to long ago I had a conversation with my bonus son about being right. In his 11 year old mind, when 2 people have a difference of opinion, or a different point of view, someone is right and someone is wrong. So then I tried to explain that when two people don’t see eye … Continue reading

Being in charge of our emotions

This is such an important concept. We can not control what other people do or say, but we can control how we respond to these outside stimuli. This is something we try to teach our boys, that they are in charge of their own emotions, and not just that…… continue reading

Breaking free from judgement

I teach a free yoga class for cancer survivors on Saturday morning. It is so humbling and I feel so honored to be able to teach this class. In my class I have my students close their eyes and acknowledge what they are thinking and feeling, but without judgement, just to simply be….. read more

New year’s resolution

It’s the start of a new year, it’s a time when many of us make new year’s resolutions, but do they help us, are we able to stick with them, or is it just hopeful thinking…. read more