Jacky is a breast cancer survivor since February of 2010.
She is the founder and owner of Ho’ōla Fitness.
Ho’ōla is Hawaiian for healing; healing fitness. She guides her students through their healing journey, with the help of fitness, meditation, and movement. Ho’ōla Fitness is dedicated to helping empower people and to take control of, and enhance, their lives.


Hi, my name is Jacky. After having breast cancer, I found out for myself that it’s much more than a physical journey, but also an emotional one. The transformation of one’s self is a whole package and not just a single step. A lot of things together have helped me in my journey of healing, and I want to help others find the right mix for them as well. May it be through personal training and healthy eating, yoga, dancing, meditation, and walks in nature. It’s finding what works for you to help you become a better version of yourself physically and emotionally. My goal is to inspire and help others, to help kindred spirits become better versions of themselves, and to help them become healthier and more balanced within their lives.

Life is not always an easy journey, and when our health is not up to par, it makes it more of a challenge. Self love, movement and meditation can help you on your journey.
Body + Mind + Soul = YOU

I am a certified personal trainer trough NASM, did my 200 hour kundalini yoga training, studied corrective exercise specialty trough NASM, and I am Reiki 1 attuned. I am also certified in several group fitness formats: barre, Zumba, DIO, and others

I offer personalized training, yoga, meditation, breath work, reiki, pole dancing,personal development courses, and movement.

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